(Bloomberg) -- There are all kinds of societal concerns emerging from the rise of artificial intelligence. Will it put humans out of work? Will fraudsters be able to use deepfakes to scam us? It’s uncharted territory, so nobody knows for sure how society will negotiate the risks.

While many people are familiar with ChatGPT and its founder, Sam Altman, some may not know he co-founded Worldcoin, which aims to mitigate some AI privacy risks. Enter the Orb, an eyeball-scanning device that could provide everyone with a unique personal identifier. It’s like a global social security number—only you don’t have to share it with anyone.

On this episode of Odd Lots, we speak with Alex Blania, chief executive and co-founder of Tools For Humanity, the developer behind the Orb and the Worldcoin project. He discusses his company’s vision for how this tech can be used to prove you’re a human in a world where AI predominates.

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