Artificial intelligence has quickly changed several aspects of every day life.

In real estate, companies are using generative AI to create descriptions for listings to meet their clients’ needs and using it to stage images of an empty home. But for those in search of their dream home, AI tools can also help.

TopHouse and HomeSearchAI are a pair of Canadian tools allowing homebuyers to search listings with the exact specifications they might want, using normal language instead of filters to sort the listings.

“Based on your unique needs, you can just type exactly what you want and it'll understand what you need, and give you results,” Ben Amir, co-founder of TopHouse, told

“You can have a product that understands a person's unique need and remove a lot of complexity. From that home search. Again, you just type in what you need, and it will give you the results.”

Using AI allows the platforms to incorporate data previously inaccessible in a single platform for home searches, such as the direction the home is facing, or simply typing “2br” to look up two-bedroom units.

“Searching for listings yourself, you typically are restricted to a maps-and-filter page user experience … but there's no real way that you can easily describe: ‘Oh, I want a four bedroom, detached with three-car garage,’ or maybe like a two-bedroom condo open concept facing sales,” said Richard Xie, co-founder of Manorlead Group Inc., developers of HomeSearchAI. “That was impossible before, so that’s what we did.”

In the future, both Amir and Xie envision their platforms adding more AI features, such as traffic data or school board rankings, so homebuyers can look for homes near quality schools, or within a 30-minute commute from their workplace, for example.

“Our goal is to build this ultimate real estate intelligence system, where it doesn't also tell you what you want to know, but also what you should know about the market,” said Xie. “Like our entire goal was to make real estate transparent and easy.”

For Amir, AI-enhanced home searching is more tailored to those who are reasonably far down their search and know exactly the type of property they want.

“If someone is just starting their home search, and they don't quite know what they want, they (are) just start browsing homes at a price range, but if someone knows exactly what they're looking for, again, it just simplifies the process.”